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Environment and Forests
Fisheries sector occupies a very important place in the socio-economic development of the state. It has been recognized as a powerful income and employment source of cheap and nutritious food, besides being a source of livelihood for a large section of economically backward population of the country.

The state Government attaches tremendous importance to the fisheries sub sector in the backdrop of employment opportunities offered by it. Efforts are afoot, both at central and at state level to strengthen the existing infrastructure and extension of successful cultural practices.

Fishery Resource and Infrastructure
The total fishermen population in the State as per livestock census 2003 was around 31,000. It is presently estimated at 93000. The 27781 Km. length of rivers/streams facilitate farming of more than 40 million tonnes of fish. As against this, the State has only 0.07 lakh hectares under reservoir area. There is a big gap between the demand and supply of fish. Fish is a valuable element of diet of the local people throughout the year. There is also a demand for fish from the defense personnel and tourists. There are 1248 lakes including water bodies and water is spread into 0.40 lac hectares of area which gives an indication of the potential for fisheries in the State.

Fish farming has been successfully introduced in the private sector and under various state and Centrally Sponsored Schemes viz. the Prime Minister's Package, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), National Mission for Protein Supplement (NMPS), a total of 1237 fish ponds/trout units have been established to provide employment opportunities to the educated unemployed youths.
The achievements during 12th five year plan (ending November 2014) are briefly summarized as under: -


Achievements during 12th five year plan (ending November 2014)


Activity/ Scheme






(end. Nov. 2014)



Fish Production





Trout Production





Carp Fish Production/others





Fish Farms completed (Cum)





Trout rearing units/ Hatcheries Completed (Cum)


(6 hatcheries)








Population of Fishermen





Angler's Lodges (Cum)





Farm Huts (Cum)





Private Trout Units Established (Cum)





Private Carp units established (Cum)





Trout beats identified (Cum)





Houses for Fishermen under Welfare Scheme (Cum)




The expenditure during the year 2014-15 upto November, 2014 is about Rs. 2.1293 crores.

Production of Fish
The fish catch which was 18.46 thousand tonnes in 2000-01, had reached 20.00 thousand tonnes in 2013-14. The production of famous Kashmir trout touched 262.00 tonnes during 2013-14. Achievement during 2014-15 ending November, 2014 is to the tune of 12800 tonnes including trout production of 198 tonnes.
The number of fishing license holders stood at 11000 by the end of November, 2014 against 15000 during 2013-14.

Extension Programme
The Department has established two Regional Fish Farmers Development Agencies one each at Jammu and Srinagar where both progressive and prospective fish farmers are provided technical knowhow regarding fish farming and also live demonstrations. The district level extension units have to monitor the development of fish rearing in these private units besides providing them necessary technical knowhow and help in marketing of fish.

Main Achievements

  1. Cold Water Fisheries

Under this programme the department has already established a Mother Trout Unit at Kokernag and 44 subsidiary units throughout the State including Leh and Kargil. Some trout units were commissioned in Tchanser (Kulgam), Kalaroos (Kupwara), Zainapora (Shopian), Basantwudar (Budgam), Bheja (Bhaderwah), Karnah (Kupwara), Guzerbal (Bandipora), Kulchoor (Anantnag) and Mammer (Ganderbal) in recent past. Presently some new Trout Units are being established at Suresyar (Budgam), Wanpora (Anantnag), Dhobiwan Tral (Pulwama), Pahalgam (Anantnag), Damsna (Kargil) and Kijai Paddar (Kishtwar) under the Centrally Sponsored Schemes-Development of Inland/Cold Water Fisheries-Pilot Project and at Achabal (Anantnag), Beerwah (Budgam), Wanpora Panzath (Anantnag), Ariwal (Reasi) and Phalni (Rajouri) with the financial assistance of National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB). The trout seed production has increased to 90.00 lakhs ova during 2013-14 and the fish production to 20.00 thousand tones. During the current financial year 2014-15 a target of 20.05 thousand tonnes has been visualized and around 12.80 thousand tonnes has been achieved ending November, 2014.

Trout fish has been made available to the common man. Trout fish worth Rs. 200.00 lakhs was sold at different rearing units/ sale centers during 2013-14. The Fisheries Department is propagating trout culture in the private sector and upto the end of 2013-14, a total of 347 units were established in private sector. For overcoming the main constraint of feed, a trout feed mill has been established at the National Fish Seed Farm, Manasbal. Its total project costs about Rs. 15.00 crores including procurement of feed mill machinery from Holland, construction of feed mill building, store facility, other allied works as well as a revolving fund. The funding for the said project has been received from NFDB, State plan and RKVY.

The Department produces quality fish seed of these fish species for stocking in natural waters, rearing and distribution to the private fish farmers. The fish seed production has increased to 400.00 lakh spawns during 2013-14 while fish production has increased to 20.00 thousand tonnes.

About 15000 professional fishermen of the State derive their livelihood from natural water resources of the State on nominal average license fee of Rs. 400 or 500 per annum.

  1. Private Fish Farming

During the 12th Five Year Plan, the department incorporated the scheme of private fish farming in the State Plan and Centrally Sponsored Scheme for employment generation. The scheme has been successful and till the end of 2013-14 a total of 890 carp and 347 trout units were established under Plan and RKVY. For the current year, the department has a target of 35 trout units and 92 units of carp under NMPS (RKVY) scheme.

2. Sport Fisheries

The department rejuvenated sport fisheries which received a major set back during turmoil in the State as most of the streams were badly affected by poaching. New trout streams were established and opened in districts of Kupwara, Pulwama, Baramulla, Anantnag and Budgam. In 2013-14 a total of 1878 Nos. of Trout permits were issued for angling (1796 to Indian Citizens and 82 to foreigners), during the current financial year 2014-15, 1344 Nos. of permits(1261 to Indian Citizens and 83 to foreigners) have been issued till Nov., 2014. During the year 2008-09, the department established a recreational park at Sonamarg to facilitate natural trout fishing, especially for the tourists. One such park is already functioning at Gulmarg.

3. Mahseer Fisheries

Mahseer Fish is a famous sport fish (compatible with trout fish). Due to construction of dams and barrages across the rivers, this kind of sport fisheries received major setback. However, the department took up its rehabilitation and a Mahseer fish seed farm at Anji (Reasi) was established where quality fish seed of this species is produced and stocked in the potential water bodies to promote the Mahseer sport fisheries in the State. The proposals for development of Mahseer sport fisheries in areas of Tawi river (Jammu), Ujh stream, Ravi river (Kathua), Tawi river (Udhampur), Poonch river (Poonch), Rajouri Wali Tawi (Rajouri), Salal reservoir, Nallah Rud, Ans, Chenab, Pouni Nallah (Reasi) did not mature to the expected level due to constraint of resources. However, the seed produced at Anji is being regularly stocked in Mahseer streams for up-gradation of the live stock. The projects for Mahseer development are also under consideration through NHPC funding. A Mahseer fish farm is undertaken at Billawar in district Kathua for the replenishment of the endangered Mahseer fish.

4. Reservoir Fisheries

The department has established reservoir fisheries in Salal reservoir and Ranjit Sagar reservoir. The Ranjit Sagar reservoir has been opened for fishing to the professional fishermen of the area. During the calender year 2013-14, an amount of Rs. 26.00 lacs was realized on account of auction fee. The department envisages establishing such fisheries in Baghliar and other reservoirs which may come up in near future. However, under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme National Mission for Protein Supplements (NMPS), a new activity has been sanctioned in which cage/ pen culture units are to be established in water bodies like reservoirs and lakes with the financial assistance from Government of India. The department has identified and established cage units in Ranjit Sagar Reservoir, Dal Lake and Wullar Lake during 2013-14 and more units of Cages/ Pens are proposed for the year 2014-15.

5. Recreational Fisheries

The department has promoted recreational fisheries in the State to provide not only amusement to the public but also create awareness among them regarding the conservation and preservation of biodiversity. An underground Aquarium-cum Awareness Centre at Bagh-i-Bahu, Jammu at an estimated cost of Rs. 10.00 crores, was established and its first phase was opened for public in July, 2007. This centre has been a source of great attraction for the public as it houses unique and vast varieties of fresh water and marine fish species in caves. The revenue earned from visitors tickets/entry fee during the current year upto November, 2014 is Rs. 56.37 lacs.

6. Revenue receipts

The total revenue of Rs. 513.11 lacs has been realized during 2013-14 from all sources. During the current year, an amount of Rs 252.57 lacs has been realized upto ending November, 2014.

7. Centrally Sponsored Schemes for welfare of fishermen

Two Centrally Sponsored Schemes for welfare of fishermen are in operation in the State for the last more than 10 years. In one scheme, free insurance cover is provided to the fishermen. Rs. 1.00 lac is paid to the beneficiary in case of death and Rs. 0.50 lac for permanent disability while fishing. So far 220 claims have been settled and an amount of Rs. 72.20 lacs distributed among the beneficiaries. Under the second scheme, the department provides low cost houses to the houseless fishermen. For this, the Centre and State Government provide necessary funds on 50:50 basis. So far 2985 houses have been constructed. During the year 2014-15, construction of 133 houses has been targeted under the scheme out of which 25 houses are for schedule castes and 108 for the general category. The financial assistance to be provided under the scheme is Rs. 0.75 lacs per beneficiary.

8. Marketing Facilities

Wholesale Fish Market
Under NFDB scheme two wholesale fish markets are under construction, one at Narwal Jammu in Jammu province at an estimated cost of 3.02 crore. Another wholesale fish market is also proposed for Srinagar in Kashmir province for which land has been identified and DPR is under preparation.

Retail Fish Sale Outlets.
As fish is highly perishable commodity and requires cold chain facility for its marketing. The department has purchased two refrigerated vans for transportation of the harvested fish stock upto the consumers in hygienic condition, keeping intact its nutritional values. Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme "National Mission for Protein Supplement" during the year 2012-13, two units were constructed one at Basholi (Kathua) and another at Bandipora. During 2013-14 two units were constructed one at Muradpur (Rajouri) and another at Kokernag (Anantnag) in Kashmir at the unit cost of Rs. 20.00 lakh/ Unit. During the year 2014-15 Fish sale outlet at District Budgam & Fish sale outlet at Ashajipora Anantnag are proposed.

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