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Information Technology

Information Technology Sector, identified as one of the thrust areas, is growing in the state at healthy pace. Information Technology has proved to be a very effective tool in the development of a society and become the driving force in the growth of economies across the globe. Recognizing the IT and e Governance sector as major tool for fostering state's economy, various initiatives have been/ are being taken up by the State Government to strengthen this sector.
The major achievements of the I.T Department for the year 2014-15 are the following:

  1. State Data Centre (SDC):

    In J&K the SDC was commissioned on March, 2013 under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). SDC is acting like a central repository for the departmental applications and databases. It is envisaged to be a mediator between secured Govt. Intranet, State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and Common Service Centre (CSC) network in open public domain. The State Govt. had allotted the project to M/s Trimax Private Ltd. Mumbai & currently the project is in maintenance phase. Several applications of various departments have already been hosted in this Data Center.


  2. Mobile-Governance:-

    The department of IT introduced m-Governance in 2013. The project is State funded and was initially implemented for BADP (Border Area Development Programme) for the monitoring and implementation of ongoing works/ schemes. The internet (GPRS) based application is given the name JKPULSE. This application is useful for real time inspection of the ongoing development works of the departments even remotely placed across the state. Under BADP the application has been successfully launched and rolled out in all 11 border area districts of the state.
    Looking into its success, the JKPULSE application has been extended to all the development works of PHE, PDD and PWD departments after desired customizations. Many other departments like Tourism, Rural development, etc have shown interest in the application and the department has sent proposals towards implementation plan.

  3. State Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG):

    The State Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG) is a core component in e-Governance infrastructure under NeGP of Government of India. SSDG will act as standards based messaging gateway to provide interoperability platform and the exchange of data in the departments would happen through state portal. It is supposed to handle a large number of transactions and also keep a track and time stamping of all these transactions of State Government. The IT Department has signed a MoU with the C-DAC, a Govt. of India Enterprise, to implement this project. The development of State portal is complete and portal has been hosted in the State Data Center. So far six Government to Citizen(G2C) services have been developed and software launched in the first Phase which includes two services each from Health and Medical Education, Social welfare and Employment Exchange departments.

  4. Establishment of IT Parks:

    The Department has established IT-Park at Ompura, Budgam to further IT activities in the State. Till date four local companies have been allotted land there. The overall site plan preparation is under process.

  5. e-District

     is a citizen service framework that enables government organizations to interact with citizen, receive electronic application forms, process the applications through workflow stages and deliver digitally signed outcome back to citizen, without the citizen ever having to visit government office. e-District is based on India's National e-Governance Plan (NEGP) initiative and is compliant with standards defined therein. The e-District portal involves integrated and seamless delivery of citizen services by district administration through automation of workflow, back end digitization, integration and process redesigning across participating sections/departments for providing services in the most efficient manner to the citizens. The project aims at providing support to the basic administrative unit i.e. "District Administration" to enable content development of G2C services, which would optimally leverage and utilize the three infrastructure pillars, the State Wide Area Network (SWAN) for connectivity, State Data Centre (SDC) for secure and fail safe data storage, and Common Service Centre's (CSCs) as the primary front-ends for service delivery, to deliver services to the citizens at their doorstep. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of J&K e-District has been approved by the Department of Electronics & information Technology, Govt. Of India (DeitY). Till now District e-Governance Societies (DeGS) have been formed in all 22 Districts of the State for coordination in the implementation of the project at District Level.

  6. State Wide Area Network (SWAN):

    The SWAN is a Core infrastructure project of NEGP Government of India to implement e-Governance infrastructure across the state. The department of IT has floated the RFP of the same and is in final stages; once the project is sanctioned from Government the implementation would get initiated.

  7. e-Public Distribution System:

    The IT department through its implementation agency JaKeGA has implemented the digitization of the Ration cards in early 2013. With the coordination from CAPD Department, the data entry of the records is almost complete and till date more than 97% data has been digitized. The IT department has submitted the Approach Paper for the phased implementation of the end to end computerization of the PDS.


  8. Computerized Personal Information System (CPIS):

    The project aims at the prudent utilization of State's human resources for primary development needs, rationalizing the staffing pattern and re-deploy staff for efficient and effective service delivery. The work for collection and finalizing the employee's data in service as well as pensioners is in full swing. In first phase all pensioners' data has been digitized. Till date approximately 85% data digitization has been complete.

  9. Visitor Management/Human Resource Management System (VMS/HRMS):

    Jammu and Kashmir IT department has implemented VMS and HRMS both in the premises of Civil Secretariat, Jammu as well as at Srinagar in order to monitor and regulate movement of visitors at Civil Secretariat. This project has been funded by Government of India.

  10. Automation of Prisons (e-Prison):

    With the automation of the prisons department, the delay in processing the information can be reduced. Also it will automate processes and functions of the prisons department, thus providing efficient, convenient and transparent services.

  11. Automation of Assembly (e-Assembly):

    e- Assembly shall automate the process flow involved and thus provide the question answers or bills in electronic form to the Hon'ble members of both the houses, which can be easily accessed on internet using Laptops, android based Tablets etc which would be provided to the Hon'ble members of both the houses. It shall help in drastically reducing the cost involved in printing of the stationery and also keep the entire information safe in electronic form. It shall also increase transparency in functioning of both the houses as citizens shall easily access the bills or question answers introduced in both the houses. The project funded by Government of India and is tendered by the IT department.

  12. Automation of Jammu Development Authority (JDA):

    This project shall automate the process flow involved in JDA and thus provide Web based online solution to Jammu Development Authority which will also include Public Interface Module which will ensure that the allottee can also view financial details of his property from even his remote location in the region. The project is funded by Government of India and is tendered by the IT department.

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