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Click below for Agenda and Decisions of the 88 SLBC
Agenda of 88 SLBC Meeting
Decisions of 88 SLBC Meeting
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1. Mr.S.K.Bhat,President (LBDSLBC) welcoming the participants.
2.(From Left), Mr.F.A.Peer, Com.Sec.RDD, Mr. Shantmanu, Com.Secy. I&C, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Chairman, J&K Bank, Mr.Yadullah, Com.Secy.L&E, and R.C.Rabra, CGM, NABARD.
3. Dignitaries on the DAIS.
4. Paricipants from State Govt.
5. Participants from Convenor Bank, RBI, NABARD, banks & LDMs.
6. Full view of the house.
7. Participants from J&K Bank .
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