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 Brief Profile of Lead Bank Department  
Central Lead Bank Department is the Department at apex level of the Lead Bank infrastructure developed by the Bank and operating in the State. The role of the Department lies in the fact that it has to oversee (monitor) and ensure active participation of the Banks/ Financial Institutions in the formation and then the implementation of the Credit Plans formulated by the Banks alongwith Government Developmental Agencies of the areas concerned. It has also a role to play to highlight various problems/ bottlenecks faced by the operational level- Banks/ Financial institutions coming in the way of the process on implementation of Credit Plans.

   J&K Bank History  
Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited was incorporated on 1st October, 1938 and commenced its business from 4th July, 1939 at Residency Road Srinagar in Kashimir (India). The Bank was the first in the country as a State owned bank.
According to the extended Central laws of the state, Jammu & Kashmir Bank was defined as a govt. Company as per the provision of Indian companies act 1956. In the year 1971, the Bank received the status of scheduled bank. It was declared as "A" Class Bank by RBI in 1976. Today the bank has more than 500 branches across the country and has recently become a billion Dollar Company
  Brief resume about functions of Lead Bank Department, CHQ, Srinagar  
The Lead Bank Department comprises of two sections, viz. Lead Bank Section and the Regional Rural Bank Section, as detailed below:

Lead Bank Section:
As a sequel to the introduction of Lead Bank Scheme by the Reserve Bank of India in the country our Bank has been entrusted with the Lead Bank Responsibility in 12 out of the total 22 districts of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Besides, our Bank is the Convenor of State Level Bankers’ Committee in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. 

The functions of the Lead Bank Scheme include:

i. Aggregating of District Credit Plans into Annual Credit Plan for onward submission to Reserve Bank of India. Liaise with RBI, NABARD, Govt. of India, State Government, Banks, Financial Institutions and Sponsoring Agencies for effective implementation of the Annual Credit Plan.

ii. Convening of Meetings of the State Level Bankers’ Committee and its various Sub-Committees on quarterly/ six monthly basis as prescribed by Reserve Bank of India. Preparation of Agenda papers and preparation/circulation of the minutes of such meetings. This also includes collecting of information/ data from all the Lead District Offices / Banks operating in the State,

iii. Follow-up of the decisions arrived at in the SLBC / Sub-Committee meetings.

iv. Consolidation of data received from Lead District Offices and Controlling offices of banks operating in the State for review in SLBC meetings.

Regional Rural Banks Section:
Consequent upon the promulgation of Regional Rural Bank Act 1976 in the country, Regional Rural Banks were established in the country with the aim and objective of providing banking services to the rural masses of the country at low cost. These Regional Rural Banks have been sponsored by various leading commercial banks of the country. Like- wise J&K Grameen Bank (JKGB) was established on 30th June 2009 after amalgamation of two erstwhile Regional Rural Banks, viz. Jammu Rural Bank (at Jammu) and Kamraz Rural Bank (at Sopore-Kashmir), in accordance with GOI Notification dated 30th June 2009 issued under sub- section (1) of section 23A of the RRB Act, 1976 (21 of 1976), and is sponsored by our Bank. The operational responsibility of J&K Grameen Bank has been entrusted to the Sponsor Bank, which in our Bank is looked after by the Lead Bank Department.

The operational responsibilities include monitoring of performance of the J&K Grameen Bank. The Lead Bank Department convenes periodical Review Meetings of J&K Grameen Bank, where representatives from Reserve Bank of India, NABARD, Government of India, and the Sponsor Bank participate for reviewing the performance of the RRB with the Chairman of the concerned RRB. For this purpose the Lead Bank Department collects data/ information from the RRB and prepares Agenda/background papers for such meetings. The Lead Bank Department facilitates transmission of various guidelines to the RRB from time to time and maintains liaison with other controlling constituents like RBI, NABARD and Govt. of India etc. in various matters related to the operational functions of the RRB and also provide clarification with regard to such matters.

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Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir

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